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Be safe with the most reliable system for extreme marine conditions!

detexline marine

Marine Fire Protection for inboard and outboard engines

Fire Suppression Systems for boats, sailboats, yachts, catamarans and marine applications

Fire protection for the harsh marine conditions.

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Yachts | Boats | Sailboats | Speedboats | Catamarans | Cruise ships

marine and harbor fire suppression systems

Premium Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Ownership Unique Advantages:

  • No pressure (no need for pressure maintenance)
  • No electricity 
  • (nearly) maintenance-free
  • Full Stainless Steel
  • Always active (detection and extinguishing)
  • Works in all angles and positions
  • Salt water resistant
  • Most robust system you can find

Salt water resistant

detexline Marine - fire protection system for marine engines
marine fire protection tank

detexline®System components

  1. SPY thermo-pneumatic detector
  2. Fine Spray Nozzle Bar 
  3. Non pressurized extinguishing container
  4.  detexline (extinguishing and detection pipping)
  5. Optical and acoustic alarm / test button
  6. Pressure Switch
  7. Pneumatic manual actuator (optional)
No false alarm fire detection
fine spray nozzles protecfire
detexline marine
marine and harbor fire suppression systems

Where nothing can fail!

Long-lasting in salt water conditions!

-30ºc to 80ºc

No Electricity


Low Maintenance

No Pressure

1 line

Fully Mechanical

Easy to Install

Stainless Steel

Super Robust

We provide solutions for your assets protection.
Prevention is the first action!

fire protection for inboard and outboard engines Boat fire protection

Extremely compact!

  • 4 Lt System (smaller vehicles)
  • 7 Lt System (up to 4m3)
  • 14 Lt System
  • 24 Lt System
  • Multiple containers can be installed in 1 system
  • Sectorization possibility (battery compartment/engine) with different areas of detection and extinguishing.

protecfire detection is a state-of-the-art engineering solution.
Pneumatic detector works with argon gas, that is triggered by a temperature fuse.

SPY® - Thermo Pneumatic detection

spy thermo- pneumatic fire detection
  • Simple, super-fast and reliable
  • No false alarms.
  • Multiple temperature range:
    57 ºC | 68 ºC | 79 ºC | 93 ºC | 110 ºC | 141 ºC | 182 ºC | 230 ºC | 260 ºC
  • Sensitive to hidden fires
  • Robust and Precise
  • Stainless steel
    Ultra-Fast RTI 12 (Reaction Time)

Fine-Spray Nozzle Bars

  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • fastest way to install a fire suppression system in compartments.
  • Installation time was reduced by more than 50%.
  • up to 90º Angle Spray
  • A perfect fine spray for temperature reduction and penetration.
fine spray nozzles for fire suppression

detex360® special nozzle

  • 360º spray (total flood)
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Easy to instal
  • Installation time was reduced by more than 90%.
  • A perfect fine spray for temperature reduction and penetration.
  • 1 piece combination with SPY detectors
pneumatic manual release for fire protection

Pneumatic manual release (Optional)

  • Very robust 
  • Up to 20 meters distance from the tank (or more with a booster)
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to operate
  • Long lasting 
fire suppression system alarm button

Alarm / Test button (optional)

  • System test function
  • Buzzer Alarm
  • Led warning light (green and red)
  • IP44 | 10–24 V DC | M 32 x 1.5 | Plastic
  • Easy to operate
  • Relay with potential-free contacts and a microcontroller
  • Time-delay shutdown for the engine with time extension by command
marine fire protection tank


  • The Container is not under pressure
  • The system only gains pressure when activated
  • Hybrid Suppression: Liquid | Nitrogen
  • R.O.P. (Rise of Pressure) system
  • One single line for detection and extinguishing
  • Can be installed in any position
marine fire protection tank

What is the detexline ®concept? One single pipeline network!

Unece R107 - sp 4912 fire suppression system for vehicles - protecfire

Avoiding the usual fuse plastic tube detection, there is only one path to the system work: stainless-steel or galvanized piping with pneumatic activation from the detection, followed by the liquid agent discharge by the same piping.

Patented technology!

detexline® by protecfire®, is a patented system that uses only one network of piping for detection and extinguishing.

  • Better value
  • Avoids malfunctions
  • Fastest to install
  • Easy to provide maintenance
  • Simple and reliable
  • No false alarms
  • Patented
  • No pressure | no pressure leak problems
  • No corrosion
  • Optional in galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • Simple, super-fast and reliable
  • No false alarms.
  • Patented
  • Multiple temperature range:
    57 ºC | 68 ºC | 79 ºC | 93 ºC | 110 ºC | 141 ºC | 182 ºC | 230 ºC | 260 ºC
  • Sensitive to hidden fires
  • Robust and Precise
  • Stainless steel
  • Ultra-Fast RTI 12 (Reaction Time)


Liquid Extinguishing Agent

TiboRex® Absolute Special Liquid Extinguish Agent

TiboRex Absolute is a ready-to-use liquid special extinguishing agent without the addition of fluorochemicals for the highly effective extinguishing of solid fires (fire class A), liquids, non-polar hydrocarbons (fire class B) and edible fats and oils. The special formulation, whose main components are also used as food additives, guarantees exceptional extinguishing performance with unprecedented environmental protection.

vehicle fire protection systems R-107

Fire suppression system functions and mode of operation:

The fire-suppression system is based on the principle of a fine spray extinguishing system. The protecfire nozzles spray the extinguishing agent TiboRex Absolute as very fine droplets. The extinguishing agent droplets wet, impregnated and cool the burning surfaces.
Through reflections and turbulence, the extinguishing agent also reaches adjacent areas, which enables the entire engine compartment to be protected.

– Unpressurised standby mode for improved safety: The fire-suppression system is not pressurized until it is triggered.
– Low maintenance: first regular component replacement after 5 years.
– Self-sustaining without external energy: protecfire suppression systems operate pneumatically-mechanically. This means that they do not require any additional power supply.
– Automatic and/or manual triggering: Automatic triggering is effected by fire detection elements. The fire-suppression system can also be triggered by a pneumatic manual release mechanism.

protecfire uses thermopneumatic fire detection elements to detect fire. These elements only trigger the fire-suppression system if a specified temperature is exceeded. Failure due to the failure of electrical components is thus ruled out.
Fire detection elements with different triggering temperatures can be used because the engine compartment is not a thermally homogeneous area, but contains different temperature zones.

The fire detection elements are connected to a combined control and extinguishing line, the detexline. When a fire detection element is heated to its trigger temperature, a mechanism opens the built-in argon propellant cartridge. This causes an increase in pressure in the line. The pressure increase opens an N2 propellant cartridge in the extinguishing agent container. The released propellant presses the extinguishing agent through the line to the extinguishing nozzles.

Vehicle fire protection is an essential aspect of work sites safety, as vehicles used in mining, construction or other operations are often large, heavy, and contain significant amounts of fuel and lubricants, which can pose a serious fire risk if not properly protected.

Heavy vehicles, such as haul trucks, excavators, bulldozers, and loaders, operate in harsh and demanding environments, often in close proximity to flammable materials and explosive atmospheres. These vehicles are critical to the productivity and efficiency of site operations, and any downtime or damage caused by a vehicle fire can result in significant losses in terms of both time and money.

In addition to the risk of property damage and equipment downtime, vehicle fires in mining can also cause serious injury or even fatalities to mining personnel. In a confined underground mine environment, for example, a vehicle fire can rapidly spread, creating a life-threatening situation for miners working in the area.

Therefore, implementing vehicle fire protection measures, such as installing automatic fire suppression systems, and ensuring proper maintenance of the vehicles, is crucial in preventing vehicle fires and minimizing their impact if they do occur. Such measures can also help companies comply with local regulations and industry standards for safety in the workplace.

Overall, vehicle fire protection is an important aspect of mining safety and can help to ensure the safe and efficient operation of mining vehicles while protecting personnel, property, and the environment from the devastating effects of fire.

Technical Properties

Name detexline 4MC
Working Temperature Range Standard -30ºC to 80ºC / Optional -50ºC to 80ºC
Technology Rise of Pressure
Detection and External Line One Integrated 12Ø pipeline
System Pressure No Pressure
Detection Technology SPY detection elements
Trigger Temperature Glass ampoule, 9 independent temperatures
Life of detectors 5 Years
Nozzle types S1 / K1
Extinguishing Agent Tiborex Absolute
Extinguishing Agent Volume 4L, 7L, 14L, 24L
Extinguishing Technology Fine Spray Technology
Extinguishing Container (pressure) Pressureless (welded / sealed cartridge inside)
Product Material Stainless Steel
Alarm Signal Switch Yes
Maintenance Inspection Annually according to manual
Parts Replacement Duration 5 Years
Kits available 4L, 7L, 14L, 24L
Cylinders Dimensions 7L: 150 Ø X 585 ±2  | 14L:200 Ø X 580,5 ±2 | 24L: 246 Ø ±2 X 654,5 ±4

Cargo Catamaran with double engine bays fire suppression system