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detex An2 - Argon and Nitrogen fire suppression system

Argon and Nitrogen Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

Inert Gas Fire Suppression: eco friendly | Safe for humans

Fire Protection Systems for:
CNC | Laser machines | Special Equipment | Wind Turbines | Military Applications | Industry

detex An2 - Argon and Nitrogen fire suppression system

CNC | Laser machines | Special Equipment | Wind Turbines | Military Applications | Industry

industrial fire suppression systems

Premium Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Ownership Unique Advantages:

  • Argon Gas + Nitrogen Gas
  • No electricity required
  • No pressure in the pipping
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ultrafast detection & extinguishing
  • Directional Valve
  • Silent Difuser (Small / Stainless Steel / Super Silent)
  • Zone Segmentation

  • We design and produce special projects and OEM Systems

Inert gas: Human and Eco Safe

  • It can be installed in any position or angle
  • It can be installed on moving gears / machinery
detexAn2 argon nitrogen fire suppression system
detexAn2 - CNC fire protection system
argon and nitrogen fire protection

Gaseous System Fire Protection

  • Fire Detection is made by our Spy Thermo Sensitive technology.
  • 1 Single Line for Detection and Extinguishing.
  • Each cabinet is protected individually.
  • System can be activated independently in the place that has the fire due to the directional valve system protecfire developed.

Fire Protection for locations where liquids cannot be present.

directional valve system by protecfire

The Directional Valve Control


  • The System can be installed multiple compartments
  • Detects and Extinguish only in the compartment that triggered the thermo-pneumatic detector.
  • Less equipment
  • Best budget 
  • More efficiency in the amount of gas sent to the fire spot.
  • Can be used for mobile parts

Compact and directional

detexAn2 it’s extremely compact and fits virtually anywhere. 

This system is designed to fit in small places and vehicles where operators are present. 

DETEX AN² inert gas fire protection systems allow through their intelligent design a very compact and space-saving storage of the extinguishing agent. Both extinguishing agents are stored separately in fully welded 2-litre steel tanks at 250 bar. Through the selected dimensions of the steel cylinders (80 mm diameter and approx. 600 mm total length) an installation option is always found and this even in very confined spaces. The 250 bar technology allows the use or installation of these extinguishing systems even in extreme temperature conditions, from -60°C to + 80°C.

Ideal for special applications military / offshore

DETEX An2 inert gas fire protection systems fight fires through the supply of Argon and Nitrogen to reduce the oxygen content to below 15% in the space to be protected. They are especially suitable for the protection of small rooms up to 2m ³ with sensitive and high quality installations, where residue-free extinguishing is required without the use of chemical gases, water, foam or powder as extinguishing agent.

Inert gases have a first-class extinguishing effect for fires of class A (solids), B (flammable liquids) and C (flammable gases). Argon is also suitable as the only fire extinguishing gas also for class D (metal fires).

  • It can be installed in any position or angle
  • It can be installed on moving gears / machinery

protecfire detection is a state-of-the-art engineering solution.
Pneumatic detector works with argon gas, that is triggered by a temperature fuse.

SPY® - Thermo Pneumatic detection

spy thermo- pneumatic fire detection
  • Simple, super-fast and reliable
  • No false alarms.
  • Multiple temperature range:
    57 ºC | 68 ºC | 79 ºC | 93 ºC | 110 ºC | 141 ºC | 182 ºC | 230 ºC | 260 ºC
  • Sensitive to hidden fires
  • Robust and Precise
  • Stainless steel
    Ultra-Fast RTI 12 (Reaction Time)
silent nozzle gas fire suppression

Silent Difuser

  • Reduces inert gas discharge noise below the danger level.<br>I
    Excellent discharge efficiency
  • The smallest, most robust and quietest of its kind.
  • 100% stainless steel | Patented
directional valve system by protecfire

Directional Valve

  • Ability to redirect the extinguishing agent only to the location that triggered the detector.
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Small size 
  • Extremely durable and rliable
pneumatic manual release for fire protection

Pneumatic manual release (Optional)

  • Very robust 
  • Up to 20 meters distance from the tank (or more with a booster)
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to operate
  • Long lasting