Extinguishing Agent

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TiboRex® Absolute
Special Liquid Extinguish Agent

TiboRex Absolute is a ready-to-use liquid special extinguishing agent without the addition of fluorochemicals for the highly effective extinguishing of solid fires (fire class A), liquids, non-polar hydrocarbons (fire class B) and edible fats and oils. The special formulation, whose main components are also used as food additives, guarantees exceptional extinguishing performance with unprecedented environmental protection.

Cooling Effect

Fine Spray Droplets that penetrate fire very fast.
TiboRex Absolute produce very fine droplets,smaller than100μm.

Oxygen Suffocation by evaporation

Due to the required enthalpy of evaporationof 2.26 MJ/kg (equivalent to 1 litre of water)energy is extracted from the burning object ina minimum of time and it cools down substantially.

Ultra Cooling through Sublimation

Layering with solid crystals that convert to gasTiboRex Absolute’s main components form crystalline structures.With the still existing combustion temperature, these solid structureschange from the crystalline phase to a gaseous phase. The enormousenthalpy of evaporation (heat) required for this amounts to 7.23 MJ/kg.

Ultrafast extinguishing

Only small amounts of extinguishing agent required
The object to be protected remains almost undamaged

Quenching effect

Extinguishing through oxygen reduction
Also hidden fires are extinguished
Extinguishing of fires in cavities

Residue monitoring and guaranteed quality

Residues of the extinguishing agent on the object can be identified with the help of ultraviolet light. A chemical analysis (DNA) can verify and confirm that the original TiboRex Absolute was used.

Ultrafast cooling

Enormous reduction of surface temperature
Avoidance of re-ignition
Reduced effect of fire
Quick interruption of combustion process

Blanketing fat and oil fires

When cooking fats and oils burn, TiboRex Absolute uses chemical reactions to form a closed, gas-proof protective layer quenching the fire and protecting the hot fat or oil from re-ignition by cooling them down very quickly.

Environmental friendliness

Ecological and 100% fluorine-free extinguishing agent
Nontoxic to humans and animals

TiboRex® Absolute

TiboRex Absolute is used undiluted and has been specially formulated for use in extinguishing systems and components developed by protecfire GmbH, which have been developed, tested and approved for specific purposes.

Data Sheet

  • Appearence: yellow-green transparent liquid
  • Density a 20ºC: 1.275 ± 0.015 g / mL
  • pH Value: 8.5 ± 0.5
  • Recommended Temperature Range: -30ºC a +65ºC
  • Maximum operating temperature range: -45ºC a +80ºC


TiboRex Absolute is tested and approved by MPA Dresden GmbH according to the requirements of DIN EN 1568 and DIN EN 3.

It is supplied in 20 or 25 L canisters or in 200 or 1000 L drums.