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detexline 4V

detexline 4v fire suppression system for buses brochure 2023

Most recent version:
(with Electric and Hydrogen buses information)

Previous Versions:

Energy Storage Systems

Marine / Boats and Harbors

detexline and firespy systems explained

Story Telling videos

Learn how to choose a fire suppression system with Craig! 

Avoid Rainy days in your company!

detexline instalation

Detexline system instalation on a Shredder by ARJ

Fire Testing videos

Wind Turbine gear box fire text scenario (Hitachi)

Mining Loader fire suppression test (detexline 4v)

Fire Testing videos

Fire suppression test in a airport truck (Raptor)

Fire test in Spain Bus (detexline 4v)

Kitchen Certifications videos

Vehicles protection certification process videos

R-107 Certification with detexline 4v fire suppression system (7litres)

Refinery Testing Video

Tests on Spanish refinery with  detexline fire suppression system by protecfire. 24 litres system used. About 7 litres were enough to extinguish the fire.

Instructions videos​

Installing a detexline 4V on a bus. 

Leak test maintenance on detexline. 
Maintenance may only be carried out by authorised and trained personnel certified by protecfire.