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detexline fire suppression system

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Fire Suppression Systems for Industrial facilities

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Ownership Unique Advantages:

  • No pressure
  • No electricity
  • (nearly) maintenance-free
  • Ultrafast detection & extinguishing
  • Hybrid system (liquid/gas)
  • Works in all angles and positions
  • Highly robust
detexline fire suppression system for industrial facilities

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Hydraulic Oil Tank protection

About the detexline concept for industrial equipment

This fire protection concept is installed directly at the potential fire source, in the equipment itself.

Its purpose is to prevent fire from spreading and avoid triggering the building’s general fire-fighting system, which could lead to additional damage and unnecessary work interruptions.

The detexline system is selectively installed only in machines that have the potential to cause a fire or are at risk.

Once activated, it provides precise protection within the industrial complex without affecting other systems.

The detexline System can be connected to other fire fighting alarm centrals. 

wood fiber factory fire protection
Engines Fire Protection in a Harsh Environment

Designed for the harshest environments.

No electricity


Low Maintenance

No Pressure

Stainless Steel

vds fire suppression - fire protection VdS

the detexline system is designed to withstand dirt, wide temperature ranges and chemical environments.

The system does not require electricity, which is one of its great advantages. This eliminates breakdowns and electrical faults.

Always active: it is an independent system, which does not need centralinas or external interpretations that can fail.

No pressure: the system is not pressurised in its operating mode. With this, we have eliminated the need for pressure checks or failures due to loss of pressure.



Liquid Extinguishing Agent

Highly Effective on Oils and Greases

TiboRex® Absolute Special Liquid Extinguish Agent

TiboRex Absolute is a ready-to-use liquid special extinguishing agent without the addition of fluorochemicals for the highly effective extinguishing of solid fires (fire class A), liquids, non-polar hydrocarbons (fire class B) and edible fats and oils. The special formulation, whose main components are also used as food additives, guarantees exceptional extinguishing performance with unprecedented environmental protection.

Fire suppression test conducted in a refinery

Comburent used:

  • 400 Litres Hydraulic Oil
  • 40 Litres Diesel
  • 5 Litres Heptane

System used:

detexline 24 litres with 7 nozzles bars and 180ºc detection elements. 

Time to Extinguish: 11 seconds

Testing audit by: Afiti Spain 
Success at first try in Windy Conditions