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Mining Week 2023 in Kazakhstan

Mining Week exhibition in Kazakhstan
Mining Week Kazakhstan 2023

On June 20 the official opening ceremony of the 18th MiningWeek Kazakhstan International Exhibition took place in Karaganda.

Welcome to the exciting world of mining!

The highly anticipated Mining Week 2023 exhibition in Kazakhstan is here! 

It is a meeting of mining and metallurgical industry specialists from different countries to exchange experience and new technologies, the establishment of joint business projects.

Where industry leaders and enthusiasts gather to showcase the latest advancements in mining technologies, equipment, and services.  protecfire is among the prominent participants, keeping the company at the forefront of fire safety solutions for the mining sector.

As attendees trickle into the bustling exhibition hall, anticipation fills the air. Protecfire’s booth stands out with its  eye-catching displays, drawing the attention of curious visitors eager to explore innovative safety solutions.

The Protecfire team, comprised of knowledgeable experts and engineers, welcomes each guest with warm smiles and a wealth of knowledge.

Throughout the days, the Protecfire team engages in insightful conversations with attendees, discussing the unique challenges faced by mining companies and how Protecfire’s solutions can mitigate risks effectively.

Demonstrations of the advanced fire suppression systems and presentations on their groundbreaking research further solidify Protecfire’s reputation as a leader in mining safety.

As  Mining Week progresses, industry professionals from various backgrounds gather at Protecfire’s booth, fostering valuable connections and collaborations. The anticipation for the coming days of the exhibition grows, as attendees eagerly anticipate the opportunity to delve deeper into Protecfire’s pioneering fire safety solutions.

Mining Week Kazakhstan 2023

Karaganda is the capital of Karaganda region in Kazakhstan. On 10th of February in 1934 Karaganda received City status.

It is the fourth most populous city in Kazakhstan, behind Almaty (Alma-Ata), Astana and Shymkent, with a population of 471,800 (as of 1 January 2010). Area of the city is about 550 sq. km. Geographical location: 49.8° North latitude and 73.1 East longitudes.

Karaganda is the oldest mining city being the residing area for a number of leading coal mining, metal processing and engineering companies of Central Asia.

Exhibition Sections

 MinTek Kazakhstan

  • Mining technologies and equipment
  • Geological prospecting technologies
  • Technologies and equipment for metallurgy
  • Mineral processing
  • Technologies and the equipment for coal and mineral raw material processing
  • Equipment and materials for drilling and blasting operations
  • Power equipment
  • Pumps
  • Compressors and other accessories
  • Transport
  • Means of safety
  • Communication and the signaling

 MetalTek Kazakhstan

  • Metallurgical equipment & technologies
  • Rolling mills & related technologies
  • Thermo processing technologies
  • Foundry equipment & technologies
  • Molds and mold making technologies
  • Sheet metal and related technologies
  • Welding machinery & metal cutting technologies
  • CNC & computer technologies
  • Pipe & tube technologies
  • Measuring & control technologies
  • Plant equipment & related technologies
  • Process controls & related technologies
  • Environmental & pollution control technologies

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