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BusWorld 2023 was a success!

Busworld 2023 stand protecfire and A-EX - fire suppression systems

World's largest exhibition for the bus sector

Partnering with A-EX, our subsidiary in Spain specializing in the bus and coach sector, we recently participated in a highly successful trade fair that proved to be an invaluable learning experience and a nexus for forging new global business connections.

The event served as a prime platform for us to showcase the prowess of our detexline technology, emphasizing its reliability across diesel, electric, and hydrogen-powered buses. As the industry compass points decisively towards electrification and hydrogen, our exhibition at this stellar event allowed us to gauge the pulse of the bus market.

Amidst a burgeoning wave of nascent technologies, fire protection has emerged as a paramount concern for both operators and manufacturers. The escalating risk of fire incidents has prompted a surge in interest from companies worldwide, each expressing a keen desire to address and resolve this critical issue. In response, ProtecFire presented the directional valve as an effective, robust, and reliable solution for fire system compartmentalization. This innovative approach obviates the need for excessive quantities of extinguishing agents or multiple systems on a single bus.

Throughout the intensive 7-day duration of the fair, our team engaged in numerous meetings and encounters with both new and existing clients. Being at the epicenter of industry developments provided us with a profound sense of satisfaction, as we actively contributed to new engineering solutions alongside some of the world’s foremost brands.

Participating in this dynamic sector’s nerve center was a genuine pleasure, and we eagerly anticipate returning for the next edition. The experience not only reinforced our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends but also affirmed our role as trailblazers in addressing the evolving challenges of fire protection in the rapidly transforming landscape of bus and coach transportation. Until next time!

Busworld 2023 stand protecfire and A-EX - fire suppression systems
Busworld 2023 stand protecfire and A-EX - fire suppression systems

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