Fire Suppression System Components (mouse over)

Automatic fire suppression system for mining and construction vehicles
Tank spy detector Fine Spray Nozzle Bar Manual Actuator


No pressure | no need to check pressures | no pressure leaks | no gauges

The system only gains pressure when activated.

Hybrid Suppression: Liquid | Nitrogen

Works on every angle

One single line for detection and extinguishing

Stainless Steel

R.O.P. (Rise of Pressure) system.

Works on every angle and position

spy detector

spy thermo- pneumatic fire detection

protecfire detection is a state-of-the-art engineering solution. Pneumatic detector works with argon gas, that is triggered by a temperature fuse.

Simple, super-fast and reliable

No false alarms.


Multiple temperature range:

57 ºC | 68 ºC | 79 ºC | 93 ºC | 110 ºC | 141 ºC | 182 ºC | 230 ºC | 260 ºC

Sensitive to hidden fires

Robust and Precise


Ultra-Fast RTI 12 (Reaction Time)

Fine Spray Nozzle Bar

fine spray fire suppression nozzle bar

Completely made of stainless steel

fastest way to install a fire suppression system in compartments.

Installation time was reduced by more than 50%.

up to 90º Angle Spray

A perfect fine spray for temperature reduction and penetration.

Manual Actuator

pneumatic manual release for fire protection

Pneumatic manual release (Optional)

Very robust
Up to 20 meters distance from the tank (or more with a booster)
Weather resistant
Easy to operate