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T-REX - Protection contre l'incendie des systèmes de stockage de l'énergie
detexline Ar / An2
Systèmes de poudre
Protection marine
Protection contre les incendies d'origine électrique
Brochure sur l'extinction des incendies de bus
Brochure sur les mines
Brochure sur le FireSpy pour la cuisine

detexline and firespy systems explained

Story Telling videos

Learn how to choose a fire suppression system with Craig! 

Avoid Rainy days in your company!

Fire Testing videos

Fire test in Spain Bus (detexline 4v)

Wind Turbine gear box fire text scenario (Hitachi)

Mining Loader fire suppression test (detexline 4v)

Fire suppression test in a airport truck (Raptor)

Mining excavator fire suppression system test (powder system)

Electrical cabinet with open door fire suppression test (Hitachi)

Certifications videos

R-107 Certification with detexline 4v fire suppression system (7litres)

Kitchen / food industry fire suppression fire test (grease/oil pool) 1 nozzle with 70 litres of oil 

Kitchen / food industry fire suppression fire test (grease/oil pool) 2 nozzle, 5 meters oil tank

RISE SWEEDEN- tests for fire suppression systems intended for engine compartments according to SP Method 4912, UNECE R107, AIS 135 – SPCR 183 or SPCR 199 (P-mark). Test made with 4 litres detexline container, with Tiborex Absolute extinguishing agent.

Tests on Spanish refinery with  detexline fire suppression system by protecfire. 24 litres system used. About 7 litres were enough to extinguish the fire.

Instructions videos

Installing a detexline 4V on a bus. 

Logo detexline-4mc protecfire - protection contre l'incendie

detexline 4MC installations Photos

detexline 4v protecfire - Système d'extinction d'incendie pour bus

detexline 4V installations Photos