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detexAn2 Gas Systems
Powder Systems
Marine protection
Electrical Fire Protection
Bus Fire Suppression Brochure
Mining Brochure
Kitchen FireSpy Brochure
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Go to installation photos


How does it Works? Get to see it in Slow motions

The world of protecfire

Detexline 4MC

detex Ar – Fire suppression test (electrical Cabinet)

3D Videos

Detexline Bus 3d demo

FireSpy Kitchen 3d demo

Story Telling – we all have a story

Meet Craig!

Conozca a Lorenzo (Español)

No Rainy days

Fire testing – always excellent!

detex Ar – Fire Suppression test (electrical cabinet)

Bus Fire Test in Spain

Wind Turbine Gear Box Fire Test

Mining Truck Fire Test

Airport Truck Fire Test

Mining Excavator Fire Test (Powder)

Electric Cabinet Fire Test


UNECE R107 Certification

Food Industry (grease / Oil) certification – 1 nozzle | 70 litres oil

Food Industry (grease / Oil) certification – 2 nozzles | 5 meters oil tank