When liquid is not allowed

Inert Gas Fire Suppression: eco friendly

PREMIUM level Fire Protection Systems for Electric Cabinets, Server Rooms, Data Centers, Cryptocurrency Mining Farms

detex Ar
Argon Gaseous Systems

Inert gas: Human and Eco Safe

Type of protection:
Server Rooms, Electrical Cabinets, Data Centers, Cryptocurrency Mining Farms, and other applications

What makes AR Fire Suppression Unique?

  • No electricity required
  • No pressure in the pipping
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ultrafast detection & extinguishing
  • Directional Valve
  • Silent Nozzles (Small / Stainless Steel / Silent)
  • Argon | Nitrogen
  • Zone Segmentation
  • Super Fast Extinguishing
  • We design and produce special projects and OEM Systems

Gaseous System Fire Protection

– Fire Detection is made by our Spy Thermo Sensitive technology
– 1 Single Line for Detection and Extinguishing
– Each cabinet is protected individually
– System can be activated independently in the place that has the fire due to the directional valve system protecfire developed

Fire Protection for server rooms and electric cabinets, where liquids cannot be present.

Multiple cabinet protection with 1 system

Server Rooms | Electric Cabinets | Cryptocurrency Mining Farms | Data Centers
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