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Kitchen Fire protection VdS
Kitchen Fire protection VdS
deep fryer fire protection, line fryer fire protection
Industrial Fryer – Line Fryer – Fire protection VdS


Complete system solution

Type of protection:
Segmented | Area by Area | Inside / outside the hotte
Protects each component individually.

What makes firespy unique?

  • No pressure
  • No electricity
  • (nearly) maintenance free
  • Ultrafast detection & extinguishing
  • Hybrid system (liquid/gas)
  • Works in all angles and positions
  • VdS certification S 613002
  • One nozzle for everything 
  • Distance to the frying surface can be up to 1.83m
  • No Caps due to patented nozzle
  • No replacement of components for 10 years
  • Only one compact container – no control cabinet needed

Firespy fire suppression system

firespy – 2 Lines System

  • 1 pipeline for Detection
  • 1 pipeline for Extinguishing

The 2 lines system have no pressure in the pipping.
In firespy this solution is applied due to the long pipelines installed.

Your Asset Protection Brings Benefits

  • Protection against total loss of equipment
  • No fire destruction
  • Insurability
  • More favorable insurance premiums
  • Avoidance of damage to image
  • Protection of the environment
  • Employees safety

Essential components of the system in Kitchens

  • Extinguishing agent container with internal control unit
  • Pneumatic trigger elements
  • Fine-spray nozzles
  • Control valves

Object by Object protection

In the design of the extinguishing concept, the focus is not on protecting the kitchen as an area but instead on protecting individual objects. In Kitchens, the following critical points are to be protected:

  • Extractor (outside / inside)
  • Burn / flame equipment
  • Oil / fryer equipment

Fires can thus be detected quickly and efficiently so that a spread of the fire source is prevented in the initial phase.

The TiboRex ABSOLUTE Logo

TiboRex® Absolute
Special Liquid Extinguish Agent

TiboRex Absolute is a ready-to-use liquid special extinguishing agent without the addition of fluorochemicals for the highly effective extinguishing of solid fires (fire class A), liquids, non-polar hydrocarbons (fire class B) and edible fats and oils. The special formulation, whose main components are also used as food additives, guarantees exceptional extinguishing performance with unprecedented environmental protection.

Firespy Kitchen FAQS

Frequently asked questions about the automatic suppression system for kitchens

In which buildings and cases can the suppression system be applied?
The system is free of dangers and easy to install. It can be installed in any restaurant kitchen, food area, production, food factory.

Where is the automatic detection and extinguishing system placed?
On top of risk areas, such as extraction sites. The nozzles and detectors are installed in the extraction heater, discreetly. They are distributed in such a way that equipment can be moved around, maintaining the freedom of kitchen layout. In the case of linear food production machines, it is placed in the hood immediately above the fats and heat zone. The entire system is distributed along simple stainless steel tubing.

Can I protect only one area or do I have to equip the entire kitchen?
You can protect only one fryer for example, as our system is modular and grows as needed. However, in our projects, we always recommend the full coverage of the burning and extraction zones.

If there is a fire, will my equipment be damaged by the extinguishing agent?
TiboRex Absolute is a liquid extinguishing agent, in order to be safe and effective. Electrical components may be damaged, although when the system trips the electricity is cut off automatically. All other equipment is never affected and subsequent cleaning is quick and easy. Other types of extinguishing agents would not be as effective or safe.

Does it take a long time to install a system?
No. Depending on the size of the kitchen, but for example a 5×1 meter linear hotel, it takes about 3 hours to install. The system is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Can the system fire accidentally?
No. Our system is accurate and detects temperatures with precision. Depending on where the thermal sensors are placed, a specific temperature is chosen. Usually it is out of the reach of a flame momentarily caused by a cook to flambé for example, it needs temperatures previously chosen, in the chosen place.

Can’t the nozzles clog with fats?
No. Our kitchen nozzles are designed to stay clean and unobstructed. They are designed specifically for food areas, maintaining their appearance and cleanliness during their useful life.

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