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Extinguishing system

The protecfire extinguishing system consists of

  • extinguishing agent vessel
  • thermo-pneumatic release heads
  • extinguishing nozzles
  • control pipe
  • extinguishing pipe

Thermo-pneumatic release units are robust, maintenance-free control elements that have Ultra-Fast response qualities. The fire-fighting system is released automatically (pneumatic release) in case of a temperature rise of e.g. 30°C over the expected maximum temperature.

Our fire-fighting system is a water mist extinguishing system that uses special nozzles which spray the water in an ultra-fine manner. Here extinguishing agents can be used that are frost resistant down to -30°C. Depending on the require­ments and the application area also water, carbon dioxide, CO2, argon, FM 2000 or fire-ex. powder can be used.


  • Being in stand-by mode it does not consume any power
  • No external current supply is necessary
  • Insensitive to impacts, vibrations and shocks
  • Functionality is not compromised when exposed to extreme conditions (oil/dust contamination; hazardous environments)
  • Nearly maintenance-free for there are no components that can fail due to corrosion
  • Simple installation


The fire extinguishing system can be easily installed by a simple modular principle. This enables our clients’ installation personnel to also install the system. Depending upon areas of installation no special tools are necessary. Intended for a simple installation (modular principle) it is almost a maintenance-free system.


We deliver a nearly maintenance free plant. The system’s elements are all made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The maintenance is limited to an annual check of the system’s elements and the holdings. Every five years the thermo-pneumatic release heads and the vessels have to be renewed. Detailed information about maintenance and single components is listed in our maintenance manual which will be delivered with every system.

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